Are You Maximizing Your Ability to Improve?

If you are undertaking a formal Change Management program, or simply pursuing operational process improvements, you need to maximize your chances of generating lasting improvements. The challenge with most efforts like this is that there is no step-by-step support that actually makes these new improvements easier and faster to execute.

mot-r, by mercanix, provides you and your team with process and document automation tools that make change efforts stick. Hollow change efforts with lots of documents and meetings but no easily implemented process changes are doomed to fail. mot-r supported change efforts eliminate one of the biggest stumbling blocks - institutionalizing the new approaches. 


A Single, Easy-to-use, Change & Lean Process Management Solution

mot-r provides an simply powerful template builder to create job steps that can be used to manage each targeted process and have the right people do the right things, at the right time.


Process Precision & Automation

Each time a new job/process is started the template created for that job is used to guide action, report on status, manage communication and collaboration, and provide data for future improvements. Each person involved in a job will automatically know what activity is awaiting their attention, what is coming up soon, and the status of any other job that they oversee.


Just in Time Communication & Team Work

Rather than sifting through a pile of emails and documents to figure out the answer to "Where are we on...?" mot-r provides rich detail on job steps and tools to help move the job through to its completion quickly and easily.


Actionable Performance Data

Rather than cobbling together several sources of process information to understand where improvements can be made, mot-r provides a single source of process data provided in easy-to-understand and compare reports. You can take action quickly to make improvements when it's obvious where problems exist.


Quick and Easy Process Refinements

Once you've seen where you are performing and where you are not, you can quickly and easily make changes to the job/process template to improve performance in areas where you are lacking. As soon as these changes are made, the next execution of the process will incorporate your changes and each change made is captured in a change history to provide evidence of continuous improvement.


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