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High-Volume Importing into NetDocuments. Made Easy.

mot-r loader simplifies your daily high-volume documents uploads. With an Excel interface, you can routinely and reliably upload 100+ multi-party documents in one go. All while saving the substantial busy-work, administrative hassle, and human costs of uploading one document at a time. In fact, if you’re uploading more than 10 documents daily into NetDocuments, mot-r loader can save you anywhere between 15 minutes to several hours a day—time that we’re certain can be better spent. Further contributing to this efficiency, you’ll only pay your actual upload activity.

• Integrates quickly with NetDocuments

• Intuitive for Excel users


More. To the Power of NetDocuments

mot-r loader allows you to easily build an upload list from a local or network drive, apply the import destination workspace and document type, and then upload. That’s it. Rather than spending hours importing batches of 50-150 documents, you’ll spend 15 minutes. It leverages the our powerful ND API mot-r service by allowing you to use an Excel spreadsheet to select and process your uploads. Sending documents to the same Client and Matter is just a matter of selecting and filling rows in Excel. Plus, you’ll have a full audit trail of all the uploads and where they went.

Before mot-r loader, this type of end-user mass import functionality didn’t exist in the stock NetDocuments set up. When we asked a high-volume importer if she could wave a magic wand and come up with the perfect batch-upload solution, she responded, “Give me something that works and looks like Excel so I can fill down to import a set of documents going to the same workspace!” So we delivered that. And even more.

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