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Not Enough People. Not Enough Time. Not Enough Support.

Anyone responsible for managing requests for agreements and contracts from across the organization knows it’s barely controlled chaos to keep on top of demands. Typically, legal service requests:

  • Pour in from all corners of the organization by email

  • With no central queue or organization

  • With incomplete information, documents, and deadlines

  • Routed to any and all members of the General Counsel’s group

  • With no way to effectively communicate back what is required from them and where their request ranks in priority

And to add insult to injury, there is little support from Management to provide you with more people or better tools. Every penny spent has to be vetted more than anywhere else in the organization because you’re a “cost center” (which is kinder than the internal nicknames such as “crusher of dreams” or the “deal prevention department”) and you’re always having to justify your continued existence.


mot-r: service. Exclusively for NetDocuments.

mot-r service was designed and built exclusively for the NetDocuments platform to help inside legal teams enable effective self-service, manage and communicate a prioritized work queue, and easily report and justify the legal team’s value to the organization. These are the tools you deserve to get things under control with the resources you have.


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