Regaining Control of Legal Service Requests

mot-r workflow is built to ease the pressure on in-house counsel who are under constant stress to deliver more with less. mot-r helps you deliver on your expertise — and eliminate time-draining administrivia. Welcome to precise, timely and transparent legal workflows. 

  • Easy to get started 

  • Easy to use 

  • Automatic work queuing and notifications 

  • Real-time reporting on volume and performance 

Rather than managing by email, mot-r lets you convert typical service requests into stepwise workflows that prompt each responsible party to do his or her part when needed. Once each workflow step is completed, the task is passed to the next person for review or input. (If the completed task is deficient in any way, it may be passed back for revision/correction.)

Each person’s involvement and actions taken in the process are fully trackable and auditable — the final documents and process beyond reproach. 

And you’ll have evidence of the volume of requests you are dealing with by source, date and by request type for future planning and resourcing. 

mot-r legal service request Apr 2 2019 v1.0-16.png

mot-r: workflow engine. Exclusively for NetDocuments.

mot-r by mercanix, builds on NetDocuments’ security, scalability and performance. It layers on powerful workflow and process management capabilities for better resourcing, coordination and communication and risk management. 

It features: automated work queues, notifications and document generation. 


As Simple As A Checklist. As Powerful As NetDocuments.

mot-r is equally at home automating and supporting many firm processes like Client Onboarding, Conflict Checking, IT Management, IT Security and the like, so your investment in NetDocuments and mot-r can be leveraged to create operations-wide value.


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