ISO 9001: 2015 Readiness

Faster, Easier & Better

The new ISO 9001: 2015 requirements move beyond the old checkbox approach to earning your certification. Now you require evidence of a true management system in place to manage, record and evaluate your efforts.

Problem is, the new requirements are so far evolved from the previous version there are very few existing tools that can help you get prepared and certified easily and quickly. Fortunately, we built mot-r to help you and your company cut the time and expense it takes to both prepare for certification and keep compliant going forward.

And mot-r is and easy-to-use, fully capable Management System Software to manage all of your unique leadership, planning, support, operational, performance evaluation and improvement processes that drive performance and earnings; use it to get certified, leverage it to build profits.

 Pre-built 9001: 2015 Processes & Templates

mot-r comes pre-loaded with 9001: 2015 requirements processes so you and your team can work through the right steps to be prepared while knowing exactly where things stand, who is doing what, and how much is left to complete. 


Easy-to-Use, Cloud-based Software

With pre-built templates, workflow and document examples, getting started (and finished) with a Management System has never been easier. And because mot-r is cloud-based software you don't need any new servers or software in-house.


Simplified, Automated Status Reporting and Workflow

Using the pre-built templates and documents, you can coordinate your team quickly and easily with    mot-r's built-in workflows. Everyone will know what's awaiting action by them, who's on the team, how long you have to get it done and what documents are required for each step. Any problems, issues or ideas can be recorded and managed for future improvements and changes.


Communication, Status and Documentation Tools all in One Place

Rather than managing the ISO, Quality or Management System requirements with a hodge podge of inappropriate tools like email, documents, spreadsheets, and project management applications, mot-r gives you just enough functionality to get the ISO preparation work done quickly and easily.


More than Just ISO Preparation: A Powerful Management System

By using mot-r to prepare for your ISO certification, you'll quickly see how it can be used to manage and monitor the unique processes and jobs that your company needs to continuously manage and improve to drive earnings. So when the next certification period rolls around, you'll be way ahead of the game and re-qualification will be easier and cheaper than ever.


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