Workflow & Document Generation for NetDocuments

mot-r by mercanix, builds on NetDocuments’ security, scalability and performance. It layers on powerful Legal Process Management capabilities for better resourcing, coordination and communication for your Legal Department or Firm. 

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Efficient & Effective Workflows

mot-r builds on NetDocuments' security, scalability and performance. It layers on powerful workflow and process management capabilities for more efficient and effective legal operations. It features automated work queues and routing, notifications, data capture, document assembly, document generation, and performance reporting.

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Typical implementations 

• Contract Management

• Legal Services Requests

• Client & Matter Intake

• Legal Holds

• NDA Requests

• Client/Lawyer/Staff On-boarding

• IP Infringement

• Ethics Violations

• Whistleblower Submissions

• Quote Approvals

• Outside Counsel/Vendor Management

• Incorporations

• Annual Proceedings

• Credentials/Education Verification


Keeping Clients Happy with Less Work

mot-r helps your people increase their use of helpful standards, reduce preventable mistakes and rework, and increase team effectiveness, so you can get better at meeting your clients' needs.


As simple as a checklist. As powerful at NetDocuments.


Starting with your most routine, and highest volume processes, mot-r can help you migrate from highly manual paper-based workflows to automated, high-performance workflows with built-in tracking and visibility to ensure you get the right people, at the right time, doing the right things. You'll get the most out of your resources, decrease the amount of time spent on non-value producing activities and deliver better service.


Easy to Adapt, Adopt and Implement.

"I already understand how the application works!" This is the general response after just demonstrating mot-r to new users for a few minutes. Because we rely on automating things that you and your team already do, adopting mot-r is surprisingly quick.


Effective Team Members, Regardless of Location or Role

mot-r let's everyone know what is required and expected by each member of the team. And rather than "managing" team members, you can focus on supporting the team with the tools and information they need to get the job done effectively and profitably. Even if they want to work from home or are on the road.


Automated Data Capture & Document Creation

By working through the job steps, Clerks, Clients and Lawyers can all submit the required information to produce the appropriate forms, letters and draft agreements. Once the data is collected, documents are produced with a click of a button.


Usable Performance Information

Each time a template is used, it is automatically tracked and available for summary reporting in an easy-to-understand format.


Contact Us Today

We'd be happy to give you a demonstration of mot-r with Checklist templates that are tailored to your practice and details on how other firms are already benefitting from mot-r for NetDocuments.