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Your Team’s Time is Important. And Expensive.

mot-r creator lets you create new workspaces now. Not when an administrator has time. Now—when you need them. With none of the potential stress and delay of the standard NetDocument’s configuration.

With mot-r creator you can rapidly create new workspaces: 

  • In a multi-cabinet environment 

  • Directly inside a NetDocuments workspace 

  • With Auto-serialized numerical keys for your workspace Attributes (ie. Clients, Projects, etc.) 

  • With single attribute workspaces (ie. HR) or double (ie. Department, Project) 

  • And, instantaneously bring up the new workspace so you can add documents to it.

Unlike the alternatives, mot-r creator is easy and cost-effective to integrate into your existing NetDocuments repository and you only pay for what you use. You don’t pay for inactive accounts.  


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