Impeccable HR Processes: Precise, Co-ordinated, Efficient

Impeccable human resources underpin your law firm’s operation and reputation.  From onboardings to terminations, mot-r workflows ensure the right people contribute their effort and expertise at just the right time. mot-r is a document assurance engine that leverages the power of NetDocuments to perfect HR processes. 

Based on user-created workflows and simple checklists, mot-r lets teams construct rigorous, multi-party workflows and execute them with the right people doing what they are needed to do, when needed.  Documentation may be completed according to strict standards, reviews performed and all supporting information filed exactly. Each person’s involvement and actions taken in the process are fully trackable and auditable — the final documents and process beyond reproach.

Onboarded Lawyers and Staff will be impressed with your preparedness and precision. Firm management will be delighted how risk exposure is being mitigated and new hires are hitting the ground running.


mot-r: Document Assurance for NetDocuments.

mot-r by mercanix, builds on NetDocuments’ security, scalability and performance. It layers on powerful workflow and process management capabilities for better resourcing, coordination and communication and risk management. 

It features: automated work queues, notifications and document generation. 


As Simple As A Checklist. As Powerful As NetDocuments.

mot-r is equally at home automating and supporting many Firm processes like Client Onboarding, Conflict Checking, IT Management, IT Security and the like, so your investment in NetDocuments and mot-r can create widespread value.

ndView of mot-r Onboarding Workflow

ndView of mot-r Onboarding Workflow


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