Contract Management Effectiveness


A Contract Management process that doesn’t continuously increase the quality of your output and effectiveness of your people isn’t good for business. And one that creates risk is even worse.

Having one central repository for all Contract forms and executed Contracts is critical for reducing your risks and increasing your effectiveness. Fortunately, you already have NetDocuments handling this important function. Now you need to ensure the right things are done by the right people within the right timeframes. That’s what mot-r handles.

mot-r, by mercanix, is a workflow and document management solution that helps you and your team reduce unwanted mistakes, rework and slow-downs that frustrate coworkers and Clients. And it does so by seamlessly and deeply integrating into NetDocuments.

mot-r enables you to set standards for action, and then communicate, automate, and track your actual performance against those standards. Simply.


mot-r for NetDocuments.

mot-r by mercanix, builds on NetDocuments’ security, scalability and performance. It layers on powerful workflow and process management capabilities for better resourcing, coordination and communication and risk management. 

It features: automated work queues, notifications and document generation. 


As Simple As A Checklist. As Powerful As NetDocuments.


mot-r is equally at home automating and supporting many Firm processes like Client Onboarding, Conflict Checking, IT Management, IT Security and the like, so your investment in NetDocuments and mot-r can create widespread value.

ndView of mot-r Contract Management Workflow

ndView of mot-r Contract Management Workflow

mot-r web application view of Contract Management

mot-r web application view of Contract Management