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You've made a great decision to provide work flexibility to your employees that contributes to their happiness and wellbeing.

Now, do you have the tools that will help them - and you - deliver the results you want? Designed for digital-first and hybrid operations? If not, you risk losing those great people you've worked so hard to find and develop.

mot-r is a Work Orchestration Engine that generates high output and low waste by ensuring the right people, do the right things, to produce the right results, regardless of location, time zone or language.

“The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century increase the productivity of knowledge work and knowledge workers.”

- Peter Drucker

Work Orchestration Engine

  • Digital-first & Hybrid Operations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Agile Transformation
  • Customer-Centric Transformation
  • Lean Six Sigma Transformation
  • Workforce Transformation


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A Single Source of Operating Truth

mot-r provides a visible, transparent, single source of truth about what needs to be done, by whom, and when - based on your uniquely differentiated management, operating, and delivery activities. Even the most junior resources will have the guidance (and guardrails) they need to deliver in a high-quality and timely fashion.


Orchestration & Communication

If you are dealing with millions of required actions, thousands of documents and hundreds of people - each responsible for their own independent work - then coordination is critical. Managing this constellation of resources effectively while dealing with digital-first or hybrid operations is challenging enough for some tools. We handle this with ease and add seamless multi-language capabilities for multi-national operations.

quality & Continuous Improvement

Managing a high-performance operation requires visibility to what is being done (or not done) and where you have challenges. mot-r allows you to quickly surface where you're doing well and where you aren't and then make improvements in minutes without any intervention from IT.


Memory, Learning & Churn Protection

If there is no historical record of how you've done things and what the outcomes of those actions were, it's very hard to learn, ensure good governance, and reduce the cost of people leaving.

When all your operational knowledge unplugs from the company, hiring and getting people productive is a costly battle. mot-r keeps your history and learning protected and usable. 

Test & Learn

If you're trying to evolve your management approach, or experiment with new operating models, you can't afford the risk, delay and cost of a custom-built solution. mot-r was designed to support operating like an Organic-adaptive structure, and can support Fractal innovation, Rendanheyi, Asset Light, Distributed Management and Edge Strategies quickly and easily just through point-and-click configuration.

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