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We’re a little different.

Our team has been continuously building and deploying enterprise-grade “cloud-based” solutions since 1994.

We don’t believe in the commonly used MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to product development, where an inferior product is sold to early customers, who then have to wait for an AVP (Actually Viable Product) to emerge over time while still paying full rates.

We don’t believe that growth should be our primary pursuit. And that the inevitable influence of VC/PE investment is to turn customers into revenue-extraction sources, rather than people who should be served.

We do believe that the only road to success is providing value to our customers and being of service every day while releasing the potential of our people.

If you run or manage a business you know these are hard things to do well. And after almost 30 years of persistence, we’re still not perfect. But we’re getting pretty good.