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Change is inevitable. It’s relentless. And your in-house legal team struggles to keep up with it. You’ve all tried working harder and longer. But the human cost is too high. Your people are burning out. It's time to adapt. It's time for mot-r adaptive ELM.



To do the best for your client with your strained resources, it's imperative to do fewer of the wrong things — those that waste time and drain attention, and more of the right things — where your team's brain power and resources are best spent. By perfecting the way you work, one process at a time, your whole department will deliver the calibre of client service you expect from yourselves.

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Given the pressure you're under, it's tempting to jump at a point solution as the answer. Or, even talk yourself into believing that an expensive legacy Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform will solve things. But if past is prologue, there's a high probability that change will continue. So neither of those options really make sense. To thrive with continuous change, a solution designed from the ground up to be flexible, adaptable and responsive is needed.

mot-r bests point solutions, and legacy ELM at adjusting to, and overcoming, relentless change. It's a flexible, adaptive platform capable of improving service quality and effectiveness across your entire legal department. 


Realtime changes, with no downtime, are expected of you—and so it is with mot-r. As an adaptive enterprise legal management platform, mot-r is designed to be flexible. It can be changed, updated, maintained by regular (non IT) people—without requiring daily work to stop while changes are being made. As such, you can get up and running in no time by using quick start defaults. Once you settle in, all the important characteristics of the solution can be precisely tailored to your exact needs. 


The designed-in flexibility of mot-r means you can easily adapt to changes within the business such as: increases in the scope of your department’s mandate, changes in regulatory requirements, technology shifts, competitive threats, hybrid and remote work, globalisation, and operational and organisational changes. With mot-r you will be able to embrace change and seize new opportunities for you, your team and the business. 


With mot-r you don’t have to make excuses why something can’t be done anymore. Instead you have tangible evidence of work activity, team workload and current priorities at your fingertips. Engage with your stakeholders and aid management in deciding what needs to get reprioritized or dropped altogether to address the new mandate. Then you can rapidly prototype and experiment with the new processes and approaches to support the change. 

With mot-r as your single source of truth, you’ll always know that the right people are taking the right action to deliver the right outcomes.

mot-r lets you start small with select, core processes and incrementally improve your work product and quality of client service. Quick, small wins will boost your confidence and open your eyes to the many processes where mot-r can facilitate interdepartmental interaction and collaboration. It's your launch pad to improving operational excellence across your organization.

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mot-r works with your files wherever they are, be that iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, Google Drive or Azure (and even combinations of those). So you can create and manage workflows for any kind of work from Corporate Legal, to HR, IT and more.


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mot-r provides quick answers to all process questions: where do we stand? what's needed? who's on it? Better still, it gives managers even deeper insights to improve operations with granular analytics and reports.

  • Legal Process Management
  • Contract Management
  • Service Requests
  • Matter & Case Management
  • Advisory Management
  • M&A Legal Transaction Management
  • Due Diligence Reviews & Approvals
  • Task Management
  • Outside Counsel Management
  • Legal Operations Management
  • Off/Nearshoring
  • and more


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