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Lean Process Workflows

Our version of lean means workflows that are designed to be visible, low-waste, high-quality and enable continuous improvement. And you don’t need a karate belt.

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Service Requests

Enabling your customers to interact with you when and where they want is critical to creating a great service experience. mot-r ensures you can do that.

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Boundary-Busting Collaboration

Being transparent and communicative with all your stakeholders increases the value you can deliver. mot-r ensures you manage from a single source of operating truth.

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Analytics, Dashboards & Reports

You need 3 basic types of data to help you survive a little more easily in business. First, you need data that helps you get done what you need to get done more easily. Second, data that helps you understand how you are performing and could improve. And lastly, you need data that helps keep Management on your side (or off your back) when in comes to work volumes and funding support. mot-r has all 3 of those in the bag.

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Document-centric Design

Given the output of most of your work is an individual document or set of documents, it’s important to have a platform that easily connects to your Document Management platform. And, that focuses specifically on seamlessly enhancing collaboration between everyone involved in the documents’ creation, approval and execution. Check.

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Secure, Cloud-Only

mot-r runs on a Microsoft Azure PaaS platform with capabilities to be localized on any of the 60+ regions Azure operates within, including real-time fail-over and backup. And with more certifications (40+) than the other cloud providers for Global, Regional, Industry and US Government requirements you know you’re in good hands.

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No-Code Workflow Templates | Just Point and Click

Get up and running quickly. No-Code Workflow templates let you work the way you work, only better—without the daily involvement of IT or coders. You can start with our library, or create your own from scratch. Set up and management is as simple as point and click.

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Precision Notifications

We’ll be the first to admit that nobody needs more useless emails. Notifications that arrive with precise direction - customizable to your terms and style - and enable immediate action on the exact item that needs attention are the opposite of useless emails.

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Dynamic Multi-Language UI

Switch the language of the mot-r interface to whatever suits you best. At any time. Currently choose from 15 pre-built languages and we can add more on your request.

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Connecting to the point solutions you already rely on is critical. From Analytics, CRM, Document Providers, eSignature to Single Sign-On we have pre-built integrations as well as our published REST API. Need something for a legacy system? We can build it for you or coach you to build it yourself.