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Start Small. Succeed. Scale.

mot-r provides a scalable, no-code Legal Service Engine that can start small and grow as opportunities allow. Whether that means organizing and coordinating team processes, or extending outward to include corporate colleagues, outside partners and counsel. mot-r can seamlessly coordinate and control operations for General Counsel, Contracts, Sales deals, M&A, Compliance, HR, IT and more.


Contract Lifecycle Management


From Contract Tickler to quick-start workflow templates, checklists and collaboration, mot-r has all you need to be on top of your contracts. mot-r lets you create contract review workflows that trigger renewal reminders, and stage them for review. Just set the expiry date of a given contract, and how much advance notice you need. 


Legal Service Requests (Intake)


mot-r provides transparency into the status of any request—from submission to completion. From your dashboard, you can see any request’s status, related documents and responsible team.

Before a request kicks off, you can confirm that all required documents and information have been uploaded. It saves you from having to explain why a request slipped through the cracks.


In-House Legal Operations Management



mot-r gives you a service-oriented legal operations platform that increase the efficiency and client satisfaction of your work. Whether that means organizing and coordinating in-house legal workflows, or extending fully outward to include corporate colleagues and management, and even outside counsel, mot-r makes your processes and end-product better.


M&A Dealflow

And Closings


mot-r brings more efficiency and effectiveness to your deals and closings. From deal initiation to final signatures, your custom deal-workflows will ensure the right people, do the right things, at the right time—all within the confines of world-class, cloud-based security.


Matter & Case



Creating new Clients and Matters based on standardized Matter or Case templates is fast and easy with mot-r. And executing and delivering high-quality services to Clients leverages mot-r digital workflows with the flexibility of including the Client in each workflow or not.


Cross-Departmental Collaboration & Approval Processes


As Legal becomes the quarterback for more cross-departmental processes, mot-r provides the connective tissue to keep everyone coordinated and effective. mot-r excels at complex, multi-country, multi-language workflows.

You’ll never be concerned by the mention of an audit with mot-r—because you’ll have standardized and transparent approval processes with a built-in audit trail. You’ll know within a few clicks, who did what, when, and what documents were used and approved.


cyber Security,

Compliance &

Data Privacy


Having set policies and procedures in place for both scheduled and ad hoc reviews is easy by relying on mot-r workflow standards. And reporting on the actions taken, and the programs or policies effectiveness, takes only seconds.


ESG, CSR Processes & Controls


With emerging ESG and CSR requirements falling under Legal, having a single platform of workflows and controls that roll-up to the GC/CLO means compounding returns from both your efforts, learning and technology investments.