Deep NetDocuments Implementation Knowledge


A Certified NetDocuments Partner since 2014, mercanix has deep, hands-on ND implementation and configuration knowledge. In direct response to NetDocuments’ Clients’ need for an integrated workflow solution, we focused on embracing and extending the way NetDocuments is designed, and how it gets configured, deployed and taught to end users.


20+ Years of Cloud Experience


The mercanix team has been continuously focused on creating and implementing cloud-based solutions since 1994. We have delivered custom software for global organizations in Technology, Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, Automotive, Legal and more.


Outcome-Driven Design


To build the most effective software solution for you, we start by defining the outcomes of your firm or company. This innovative approach is how we have successfully delivered mot-r: the quickest, most cost-effective way to cut the risk and waste of low-quality legal processes.


Singular, Seamless NetDocuments & Microsoft Integration


Security, scalability, usability and mobility make NetDocuments the growth leader in the Legal market. We leverage ND’s distinguished security model, the ND API, and Workspace designs in addition to the Microsoft Office Suite to aid in our solutions’ adoption and ease of use. And unlike some vendors, we only focus on ND's Document Management system, which means we can innovate faster with ND and deliver more value more quickly than vendors who have to service multiple DM platforms.



The more complex a solution, the higher its costs to adapt, implement, train, adopt and support. And the less likely that solution is to provide value over the long-term. That’s why mot-r was designed to let legal and business users create, manage, report and refine their own workflow processes without any IT intervention.




Working hand-in-hand with simplicity, adaptability has a direct effect on your organization’s ability to generate a significant return from your mot-r expenditure. Easily adapted to a wide variety of workflow challenges across your organization, mot-r helps your investment go even further.


Lean Six Sigma

mot-r’s core is designed around Lean Six Sigma principles as they apply to knowledge work. Every mot-r interaction is viewed as an opportunity to learn and immediately make improvements — as no process design is going to be perfect the first time — nor should it remain static and unchanged over time.


Pay For Active Users Only

Unlike most software companies, we believe you should only pay for what you use. So, we only charge you for active users per month for any of our solutions and you can scale up or scale down whenever you like. Contact us below to find out more.


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